Washington County VA

Trial begins for three accused in run-over accident of local deputy

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - The trial began Monday for three people accused of running over a Washington County, Tennessee deputy  in January 2012.

Dalvin Stephens, Reginald DeWayne Smith and Ashley Nicole McGraw are charged with attempted first degree murder and attempted aggravated robbery.

Prosecutors told jurors in the courtroom, they will see the dash cam video of Deputy Gary Daugherty being hit by the car while trying to put down spike strips during a high-speed chase.

The attorney for Dalvin Stephens, who was driving the car, told jurors Stephens did not mean to hit the deputy.

"Our position is that if you look at the video it seems kind of obvious that he was trying to avoid everything.  Trying to avoid the officer and the spikes," said Stephens' attorney Jerry Fabus.

Ken Baldwin described Deputy Daugherty's injuries after the incident. 

"He is laid out there. He's on the ground and he's hurt bad.  There's blood and he's in a mess.  He has bones sticking out of his skin.  It's bad.  Couldn't come back to work for a year."

Baldwin also told the jury the man driving the vehicle didn't stop after hitting Deputy Daugherty.  "He didn't even hit the brakes; he just keeps on going."

The trial is expected to last until Thursday.

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