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Thousands of voters in Tennessee cast their ballots early

Thousands of voters in Tennessee

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - We have learned more than 100,000 people cast their votes in Tennessee Wednesday; a little more than 10,000 were from our viewing area.

Voters in Washington County lined up to cast their ballots.

"I certainly put the emphasis on the presidential election," said Jim Hagan.

"Yesterday we had around 1,600. Today, so far, we've had around 800," said Maybell Stewart, Administrator of Elections in Washington County, Tennessee.

We learned that is a huge jump from the local elections in August. "In August, the whole election, around 15,000," said Stewart.

Stewart tells News 5 that is only around 11 percent of the population, but she says she hopes to get a lot more before early voting is done.

We learned there are 75,000 voters, active and non-active, in Washington County.

But not all of them come out for the elections. "We hope to get at least 60 percent of the voters," said Stewart.

Voter Michael Duver tells us he will vote early to make sure his voice is heard. "Some people think is doesn't matter who is in office. It absolutely does," said Duver.

Stewart told us everyone needs a photo ID in order to vote and you will be able to vote early until November 1.

Stewart said so far that they have only had a few problems at the booths.

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