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TCAP results still months away

TCAP results still months away

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Students and educators in Tennessee will have to wait until the end of summer to get TCAP test results back. Those scores would normally be used as part of students' final grades.

We're told all students in third through eighth grade will have to wait for their test scores. The Washington County Tennessee School District told us they won't know the scores for another 10 days because of statewide delay. They told us they met their deadline to submit the test scores to the state.

Assistant Director of Schools Karla Kyte said the State of Tennessee is double checking the test results statewide because some of the standards used in previous tests are no longer included in the TCAPs.

"To insure the validity, reliability as we transition to a different assessment that will be more aligned with the Common Core standards or the Tennessee state standards," said Kyte.

Kyte told us even though they'll get the scores in the next two weeks, parents won't see the results until the fall. We're told the district doesn't have the resources to send them out any sooner.

"With the budget in Washington County that did not appear to be an option, plus, we have a lot of our teachers who have medical issues who are having surgeries, we have vacations planned," said Kyte.

The County got a waiver from the State of Tennessee to allow them to calculate students grades without including their TCAP scores.

Those scores only account for 25 percent of students final grades, which is why parent Melodie Swanson told us she's okay with the wait.

"Our teachers have actually prepared our children throughout the year for TCAPs" she said. "The kids were very prepared and I feel like the TCAP scores will reflect the scores they received throughout the year," Swanson said.

Other parents told us they have more concerns about the delay.

"I think with the test scores not coming back on time, students that are needing to attend summer school I think it'll greatly effect them," said Michael Robison.

The Washington County School Board told us the final grade students received on Friday will determine whether or not they have to go to summer school.

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