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Swimming pool safety tips to kick off summer

As temperatures continue to warm up many of us will start thinking about cooling off by jumping into a pool.

Whether it is a private or community pool, the Kingsport Fire Department wants to remind you of some tips to keep your family safe.

First, they recommend to constantly keep a close watch on children in and around the water. The fire department also recommends teaching your child to swim with an adult and to never let them near water without someone to watch them who knows how to swim.

Another tip, take some type of CPR class in case something was to happen.

News 5 also talked with lifeguard Dylan Culbertson at Jonesborough Wetlands Water Park who says if you're at a community pool, lifeguards will do what they can to keep everyone safe.

"Our main focus to keep kids safe this summer and to have our lifeguards fully trained and accurate to what they're supposed to be doing," says Culbertson. "All guards carry a fanny pack so if anything happens anywhere in the park, they are ready to perform their jobs."

Culbertson also recommends teaching your child to never swim or play near drains or suction outlets.

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