Washington County VA

Student, witness call 911 after bus crash

911 calls after accident

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Two calls came into the 911 center Thursday at 3:00 after a school bus accident: one from a witness and one from a student. From there emergency crews took over.

With those calls crews went into action Thursday afternoon tending to injured students from a bus rollover on Mount Wesley road.

Eight minutes after the first 911 call police arrived on the scene and at nine minutes the first EMS crew arrived.

"When they were on the scene they requested a helicopter and kept requesting helicopters," says 911 Director Bob McNeill.

"It was chaotic because of the number of patients and everything happening at once. everyone really pulled together," says Mike Skowronski.

Four helicopters were used, some made two trips. In all six students were flown to the hospital and back up was called for the ground.

"We actually went through tema which is to get sullivan county and greene county to get a couple of ambulances up here to back us up," adds McNeill.

With so many students needing care medical crews turned to a triage system. It's color coded and every student wore a tag with information around their wrists.

They've had this system for about four years, but this was the first time they've ever had to use it in a real-life situation.

EMS crews say the injuries varied, but the triage system helped keep things organized.

Already, the EMS team has met with the hospital officials to discuss how crews responded to the scene and what they'd change for the future.

Even with all of the injuries I'm told EMS crews did not have to call any extra personnel in, they were able to handle the accident with the paramedics available.

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