Washington County VA

Some Washington County TN schools may consolidate

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - The Washington County Tennessee School Board has been discussing big changes to the layout of their schools.

We're told they've made a formal request to the County's budget committee to build a new, larger school to replace Boones Creek Elementary and Middle Schools.

"Those two schools are way beyond the timeline for refurbishing," said Ronald Dykes, the director of schools. "There's an estimate of about $15 million to refurbish both of those schools and even if the refurbishing occurs it would provide no new room for growth."

We're told the schools are currently operating at almost 100 percent capacity, with 900 students at both schools combined.

The new K-8 school would allow for a growth of about 200 additional students.

Dykes told us constructing the new facility would cost taxpayers at least $35 million.

The project has to be approved by the budget committee before it goes any further.

This is the first phase of a four part project. The second phase includes the consolidation of Jonesborough Elementary and Jonesborough Middle Schools to create another K-8 school. The third and fourth phases include athletic field updates and the creation of a technology center in the school district.

None of those final three phases have been submitted to the budget committee for approval.

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