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Softball player airlifted to hospital after batting cage accident

EMORY, Va. - A scary accident lands a college softball player in the hospital. It happened Friday on the campus of Emory and Henry College.

College freshman and softball player Brittany Scott is now at home recovering, after being hit in the head by a line drive.

"She's doing well," said head softball coach Tommy Forrester. "She's resting. I talked to her this morning and she has a major headache."

Forrester told us Scott and two other players were doing extra batting practice on their own when the accident happened.

"As a softball player, as a baseball player, hitting in the cage is very normal and you have a screen and you get behind the screen," said Forrester.

He told us Scott wasn't far enough behind the screen and was hit in the head. Forrester also said Scott wasn't wearing a helmet.

Forrester told us he just happened to be working late that night when a player rushed in to get him.

"She was going into significant convulsions so they ended up airlifting her to Bristol Regional hospital" Forrester described.

He told us that while he went to the hospital with Scott, the team got together and prayed.

"We all became really close and really quiet," said senior and team captain Cortney Hasley. "I knew people were really upset."

She told us shortly after they got together, they found out Scott's convulsions had stopped and her condition was improving.

Hasley said a few minutes later they got another shocking phone call. Other students around campus had organized a candlelight vigil for Scott and the softball team.

"We were all surrounded by 100 people in our Memorial Chapel on campus," Hasley said. "The team was at the front of the church and we were surrounded by candles in the middle of us."

She told us the vigil was a miracle.

"It's a Friday night, it's a college town," she said. "I'm sure people probably had other things they needed to do than be in a chapel and have to deal with a situation like this."

Hasley told us they were overwhelmed by the support for Scott.

"I hope she knows what she means to this community and how wonderful of an influence she's been," said Hasley. "She is one of the strongest people I know."

We found out that Scott has a concussion but no permanent damage. Her coaches hope she'll be able to return to classes next week.

Head coach Forrester told us they will be meeting with the athletic director on Monday to "see what policies need to get in place to make sure our athletes are being as safe as they can be."

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