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Smoked turkeys given to Salvation Army

Free turkeys donated

Abingdon, Va. - The Salvation Army locations from the Tri-Cities are gearing up for their annual Thanksgiving meal, but one of them won't quite have the pressure of past years.

The Bristol Salvation Army will have smoked turkey this Thanksgiving and they don't even have to cook it.

The turkeys are already cooking at the Bonefire Smokehouse in Abingdon. The birds aren't for the restaurant, but for the Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner.

The kitchen staff at the Salvation Army are more than grateful. "The biggest thing was the turkey, fixing 15 to 20 turkeys has always been a kind of 'whew.' I'm so thankful for that alone. First year ever. Grateful for them smoking turkey, very grateful," says staff member Jennifer Nicole Stout.

"We run that smoker all the time so it was an easy gesture for us to go ahead and put those turkeys in there and make it happen and when we got someone like US Foods donating them, it makes it even easier," Bonefire Smokehouse owner Doug Beaty said.

But for the folks at the Salvation Army who were just about ready to go out and buy all of the turkeys, this is a special gift from the community. "You can't believe how much of a blessing it is to get that kind of partnership and community support to have those turkeys given to the Salvation Army so that we can feed those who are in need or those at risk. Those who just want to come and enjoy  a good home-style meal on Thanksgiving," Captain Joseph Irvin said.

For the restaurant and its owner, it just what you do when there's a need. "We realized over the past 20 years Bonefire here in Abingdon is our seventh restaurant in the past 20 years and we weave our thread into the community fabric, you do that by giving back to the community that's so generous to us," Beaty said.

And when has giving ever tasted so good?

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