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Slick roads a concern across the Tri-Cities

Slick roads a concern across the Tri-Cities

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - We were out on the roads early Wednesday morning and found highways were in good shape, although side roads were more dangerous.

Depending on where you are, the roads are either clear, slushy, or totally snow-covered. Washington County highway superintendent John Deakins tells us they'll all be treated eventually. "With the ground being so cold, it's going to be a chore," he said.

Deakins says clearing that much area takes time and resources. "We've got plenty of salt and are hauling material in all the time. We've got a mixture of salt and chat to give you a little traction, and the salt to help the melting process," he said.

Deakins tells us the Washington County crews tried to stay ahead of the snowfall on Tuesday. "By the time you went down the road and came back the other side, everything was covered," he explained.

Highway workers aren't the only ones fighting an uphill battle. We asked Jonesborough Director of Public Safety Craig Ford how the state's oldest town is fairing. He tells us having schools closed has helped with traffic problems, but drivers still need to be careful. "Even if you're in a four-wheel-drive, those vehicles may travel better in slick road conditions, but they don't stop any better than any other vehicle out there," he said.

Deakins is asking for everyone to be tolerant of the situation. "It's just going to take time. Just have to have some patience," he said.

There is still a good chance for ice on all roadways Wednesday. If you do need to be out, be careful and watch for changes in conditions.

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