Washington County VA

School opens lost & found for bus victims

Bus maintenance

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Material possessions didn't matter to kids involved in the September 20 bus crash; they just needed to get out of the bus as fast as possible. 

On Friday students were able to pick up backpacks, phones and other belongings that were scattered in the bus and on the ground.

For those students still hospitalized, parents showed up at David Crockett to get those objects. As parent Dawn Gordon claimed her daughter Cheyenne's things, she told us Cheyenne suffered a concussion. "Their memory is not quite intact so she repeated herself quite a lot. It was her concern for everybody else on the bus. the most important thing to her at the time was 'how is everyone,'" Dawn said.

Parents with children who were involved with the crash can contact the main office at David Crocket High School to see if particular items have been found. That number is (423) 753-1150.

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