Washington County VA

Road where bus accident happened is narrow, winding

Bus crashed on dangerous road

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Many people were driving where the bus rolled over taking pictures and stopping to stare. Some residents weren't surprised considering the curves and width of Mount Wesley Road.

News 5 checked with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and learned this mountainous county road is just as dangerous as any other road in the county, so we took a drive to see just how dangerous it can be out there.

There are just two narrow winding lanes for drivers to navigate on Mount Wesley Road. "Lots of blind hills and curves and you know it's just difficult for drivers," said John, a Washington County resident.

Most drivers say they go as slow as possible when driving there.

THP says the speed limit is 30 miles per hour and there's no shoulder.

Bus #88, the vehicle involved in the accident, was actually a substitute bus for bus #30.

Washington County Director of Schools Ron Dykes describes the bus involved -- "It was inspected in March. There was a thin tread tire that was rotated to the inside of one of the wheels, I'm not sure which, but new tires were on the front."

THP started investigating the crash site Thursday and they'll be back out gathering more facts Friday. "We have a bus inspector and we also have commercial vehicle post crash investigator, they were both on scene. I also called our critical instance response team," said THP Sergeant Diane May.

News 5 will be checking into the bus maintenance history Friday.

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