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Restoring a town

An EF-3 tornado hit Glade Spring on the night of April 27, 2011.

Since then, the town has had to rebuild and restore everything they lost that day.

They're calling it the revitalization of Glade Spring and in the town square some say it's a rebirth and a day of celebration as they cut the ribbon to the doors of the new Town Square Center for the Arts.

Former U.S. Congressman, Rick Boucher says the new building is a great stepping stone for the community and his family.

"My sister and I are very honored that the board of directors of this artisan center have chosen to name this building after my grandfather. He was the mayor of Glade Spring," says Boucher. "He actually worked in this bank many, many years ago. We're proud of the commitment he had to public service and appreciate this board helping to honor his memory."

For the people in the community, they're hoping the memory*of the tornado will be something of the past and that this new facility will help honor and restore the old bank.

"To go from what this community was and what the town square was just a few years ago to what we see today, where you can't even find a parking spot. It's been an absolutely amazing journey and it has brought the community together," says Outgoing President of Project Glades, Leslie Peterson.

Mayor Lee Coburn agrees and believes it's going to help grow the town's economic development.

"It will restore the building. It will provide jobs for the artisans. They are not hobbyists. They are people that are actually working entrepreneurs. It will bring people in to visit and buy and take classes at this place, and it'll help restore an iconic building," says Mayor Coburn.

Project coordinators tell us the total number of jobs created with the opening of the facility is six and they're hoping to fill about four more within the next few weeks.

Project Glade, who sponsors this new facility, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic development in Glade Spring.

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