Washington County VA

Rainfall hurts local vineyards

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Recent rains have caused problems for vineyards across our region.

This time of year, vineyards are looking for hot, dry weather. 

We caught up with owner of Abingdon Vineyard and Winery Bob Carlson. He tells us they're having to spray for mildew every week with the frequent rainfall.

That means he will have to spend more money to keep those grapes from rotting. "When you look at the grapes you can tell they're starting to expand and get bigger. As they get bigger the bunch closes up and you get trapped moisture. Then you get disease and it'll make the grapes rotten," says Carlson.

Last year a late frost in April caused their vineyard to only yield twenty percent of the grapes.

Carlson tells us he needs warm and dry weather to yield a good batch this year.

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