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Potential SNAP cuts affects Second Harvest Food Bank

GRAY, Tenn. - Thursday the House of Representatives voted to cut $39 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program also known as SNAP or food stamps.

If the bill goes into affect hundreds of families in Northeast Tennessee could be forced to go hungry.

And that raises a lot of concern for the Northeast Tennessee Second Harvest Food Bank.

"We are going to really have to close the gap, meet those needs were cuts will affect families that want have those snap benefits any longer. And what that mean's is we've got to find additional food and we are already struggling to meet the growing demand," said Rhonda Chaffin.

News 5 did some digging and found that SNAP provides its participants with $4.15t worth of food assistance per day.

We also discovered that in June 1 in 4 households in Tennessee received snap benefits according to the USDA.

Rhonda Chaffin, the executive director of the Second Harvest Food Bank, said last week that reality become personal for her when participated in the SNAP Challenge during Hunger Action Month.

"I had a very difficult time making ends meet wasn't able to purchase fresh vegetable, the very basic of bread, eggs and milk. It was very difficult to have the proper nutritious someone needs to survive," said Chaffin.

All of the food in the Second Harvest Food Bank warehouse in Gray, serves more than 38,000 people right here in northeast Tennessee.

The food bank provides food for more than 200 food assistance agencies in the area.

And with that demand, Chaffin worries that the SNAP cuts could make serving people in need harder than ever.

"We need to continue to let our federal legislatures know that this is unacceptable and that we cannot have these cuts," said Chaffin.

We did some checking and found that both 1st district Tennessee representative Phil Roe and 9th district Virginia representitave Morgan Griffith voted in favor of the cuts.

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