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Patrick Henry students work on garden to remember their late classmate

GLADE SPRING, Va. - The Glade Spring community gathered at Patrick Henry High School on Saturday to begin work on a memorial garden for the family killed in a tragic shooting back in February. 

Sheriff's deputies say Kristin Palmer, her son Griffin, and her mother Nancy were shot and killed by Palmer's estranged husband. Nancy Griffin's husband was also injured in the attack.

The community gathered with shovels and rakes to help the students start work on the memorial garden.   

"I've been helping them lay the middle, where the tree is going to go," said student Kevin Thomas. "It's going to be really, really nice."

The courtyard is the vision of the students. It was designed by the landscaping class at Patrick Henry.

The students planted a dogwood tree at it's center and laid down stonework around around the tree. Students will decorate some of the stones with their favorite memories of Griffin.

Around this area, the students put three benches, one for each Griffin, his mother and his grandmother.   

"It'll be a reflecting place," said Scott Cole, the assistant principal. "The outer edges will be the garden area, a place for people to come out and sit and enjoy the atmosphere."

Cole told us the students chose purple flowers for the garden to represent domestic violence.

About a dozen members of a local church and volunteers from Lowe's helped plant the flowers.

"It's unreal the amount of volunteer work that's come together and the outreach of people who donated stuff here," said Cole.

He told us they didn't have to spend a penny on the project thanks to donations from Lowe's and local businesses.

The students said they're thankful for the support from the community to help keep the memory of Griffin's family alive.

"It means to remember him and his family and every time I look at it I'm going to think of him," said student Kent Kestner.

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