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Parents wait to hear from students after bus crash

Parents worry after crash

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - The school bus crash Thursday afternoon happened on a narrow, winding road in the Telford Community in Washington County, Tennessee.

What is usually a pastoral scene became anything but peaceful and quiet for parents waiting for word on if their children were okay.

Patricia Griffith said it was a phone call she never expected to get. "I heard children screaming," she said.

Griffith was at work when her son called her cell phone when he was supposed to be on the bus coming home from David Crockett High School. "I just knew something was wrong. I usually wouldn't answer but I'm glad I did," she said.

He was one of the lucky ones on that bus and only suffered from bumps and bruises on his head and arm.

As word spread about the crash, Conklin Road and the surrounding streets were quickly lined by worried parents as ambulances rushed passed and the sounds of helicopters filled the air.

Worried parents stood by holding onto their phones, waiting for a call with any information about their children on the other side of the police road block.

"I heard my son's voice and that was the most important thing. I need to see him come down that hill. And then I'll be okay," Griffith said.

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