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Oldest church in Damascus receives new steeple

Oldest church in Damascus receives new steeple

DAMASCUS, Va. - Five years ago a severe storm ripped through Damascus, causing damage to one of the town's oldest buildings.

Restoring the building to its original glory has been an expensive project and an even longer wait for the people who live there.

It's 112 years old and the oldest church in Damascus. Inside, not much has changed in the last century, but for the past five years something very important has been missing from the outside.

"It feels like it's incomplete," says church member Doris Autry.

Thursday, Faith Baptist Church is finally complete after receiving the steeple they've waited so long for, but Autry says it wasn't an easy road to get it.

"Several people said they would do the steeple but they come and look at it and it was really complicated because it's not round, and they'd change their mind," Autry adds.

Barbara Banks and her husband Richard are the reason the steeple now stands tall. The Banks made it their mission to help pastors and churches in need of some extra help. Barbara says the new steeple serves as an invitation.

"It's important for the church to have the steeple because it's the oldest church in Damascus and it's the first church you see as you are coming into town," adds Barbara.

Pastor Robert Griffin Junior says this day marks a new beginning. "This is just the start again. The steeple does point up. It points to God," he adds.

Barbara and Richard Banks' organization is called Adventurers for Christ. To learn more about what they do and how can you help, you can visit www.adventurersforchrist.org.

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