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New farmer's market headed to Jonesborough

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - A new year-round farmer's market is on the way to Jonesborough.

The plan is for it to be a year-round, retail-like operation that's open throughout the week.

The new farmer's market will go in the old Exxon building. The town is going to apply for grant funding to help with the process.

They hope to have the new farmer's market open by the summer of next year. "They're going to actually staff this market with someone full-time and the farmers will then be able to come and have their produce, their meats, their cheeses -- whatever it is they're producing -- sold," said Jonesborough mayor Kelly Wolfe.

Mayor Wolfe says the original farmer's market around the courthouse will still be open on Saturdays during their season, and the new farmer's market will be closed that day so the two won't compete.

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