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New Facts: Name of suspect in Washington County, Virginia standoff released

New Facts: Name of suspect in Washington County, Virginia standoff released

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - UPDATE: Virginia Sate Police say 55-year-old Dennis Morrell died after he barricaded himself inside his home.

Authorities say they made contact with Morrell on and off throughout the afternoon after being called out to the home in Washington County, Virginia.

Around 5:45 Tuesday afternoon, he walked out of the home when tear gas was deployed. Officers say when he came out, he threatened them with a firearm. Authorities tell us he was later shot.

He was taken to the Bristol Regional Medical Center, where he later died.

Virginia State Police will be investigating the officer involved shooting.

No law enforcement was injured during the shooting.


Washington County, Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman told News 5 the suspect in a standoff has died.

Sheriff Newman said the man's family asked deputies to check on a man at a house on Rocky Hill Road Tuesday about 2:00 p.m.

When deputies arrived, Newman said the man refused to cooperate with them but let his wife and son leave the house.

Virginia State Police and members of the SWAT team from Bristol, Virginia responded to the scene.

Newman said the man showed up at the front door and demanded authorities leave his property.

When he re-entered the house, officers shot tear gas into his house.

The man then came out the basement door and raised a gun at deputies, according to Newman.

Newman said officers were forced to shoot the man.

He died at a hospital from his injuries.


A standoff ended about 5:45 p.m. Tuesday in Washington County, Virginia.

Our crew at the scene saw a power truck arrive. 

Next, a SWAT showed up and our crews heard shots fired.

Deputies said the standoff ended.

They have not released details about what led up to the standoff or information about the mother and child investigators said were held hostage.


A standoff is going on at this hour in Washington County, Virginia.

News 5 is told a man had a mother and son in a house on Rocky Hill Road and would not come out.

The mother and son are now free.

The suspect is still holding deputies at bay.

News 5 has a crew at the scene and will bring you more facts as we get them.

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