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New art murals put up in Jonesborough

Murals catch the eyes of passers by in Tennessee's oldest town

Art Murals In Jonesborough

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - There's a lot going on in downtown Jonesborough these days.

Dale Furches knows about Jonesborough. "I was born in that old log cabin down the street," Furches said.

Ourka Blackburn heard about Jonesborough on her way to Florida. "We saw a sign that said Jonesborough, Tennessee," Blackburn said. "And since we're from Jonesboro, Indiana, we just decided to check it out. We were amazed! It's just such a beautiful town."

The new art murals at the redesigned Boone Street Farmers Market plaza really caught their eyes. "It's fantastic," Furches said. "It's beautiful to know what Jonesborough's done."

"I think that is so creative," Blackburn said.

The four artistic creations were the mural mastermind of students many from the McKinney Center for the Arts. "It's hard enough as an artist to get your work in a public place. For our students to have their work in such a prominent area in Jonesborough, we hope that they're just as proud of these murals as we are of them and their work," McKinney Center Director Theresa Hammons said. "Each panel represents a different season -- spring, summer, fall and winter. We chose to highlight some of the big events that happen throughout the year."

Hammons tells us they hope to feature newly painted panels every year. They're a real attention-getter as folks head into town and really set off the soon-to-open farmers market nicely. "It really adds a little bit of color," Hammons said. "I think Mayor Wolfe mentioned that it was sort of like the curtains in the living room, it's the final touch to this place."

"I want to live here," Blackburn laughed.

In addition, renovation work on the Boone Street Farmers Market building is expected to begin soon with the market opening soon after work is complete.

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