Washington County VA

Moving E&H's Tobias Smyth Cabin

EMORY, Va. - A local historic landmark is moving a short distance.

The Tobias Smyth Cabin on the Emory & Henry College campus is moving about 150 feet to make room for a new performing arts center.

Contractors tell us construction began Tuesday and will continue for about three weeks.

Retiring E&H President Rosalind Reichard tells us the Tobias Smyth Cabin is where Emory & Henry first began. "Historically it was located about a mile from our campus. It's where Emory & Henry College was conceived because it's where the first beginnings and discussions took place in the 1830s. That cabin was moved on to our campus in the 1920s," says Reichard.

Classes begin at the college in about four weeks. Contractors tell us whether the cabin will be reopened when students arrive depends on the weather.

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