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More from police on fatal ATV crash and laws

More from police on fatal ATV crash and laws

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - We are still waiting on the identity of a man killed in an ATV crash in Washington County, Virginia. His body was found over the weekend.

We caught up with police to learn more about the case and circumstances surrounding the crash.

Virginia State Police are investigating a four-wheeler crash that killed its rider. It happened along a gravel driveway off of Blevins Road.

We're told police got a 911 call around 2:30 Sunday afternoon when acquaintances of the victim were riding and found an ATV and a body at the base of a steep hill. "It looked like he was trying to clear some brush. He either had gotten too far over the hill or something, but it turned over to the left and basically pinned him under it," said First Sergeant M.R. Willis with Virginia State Police.

At this point investigators are trying to determine what caused the crash and how long the man had been in the embankment until he was found.

Police say most ATV accidents they investigate happen on private property. That's a problem because while in Virginia it is law to wear a helmet, it's not illegal to ride without one if you're on private property. "I would say a helmet would be an absolute great idea every time you get on one, but it's not required by law all the time," added First Sergeant Willis.

So what safety precautions are there? We learned warnings, along with age and weight recommendations, are posted all over ATVs. "If you buy a new ATV the manufacturers all offer an ATV safety class. We actually provide a unit for the local trainer to use," said Tom Hayes, owner of Atlas Cycles.

Back on Blevins Road, Ed Allison says he had a close call on an ATV when he was younger and it's devastating to hear about the loss of a neighbor. "Prayers go out to the family and I hope the people will be alright," added Allison.

State police warn all ATV riders to let someone know when you plan on riding; that way if an accident happens family members can start searching.

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