Washington County VA

Matthew Hill wins, says he's surprised by negative campaigns

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - In the Tennessee House of Representatives, for district seven, there were three candidates: Phil Carriger, Todd Franklin and the incumbent is Matthew Hill.

Matthew Hill came out on top with 3,966 votes.

News 5 spoke with him after the results were announced Thursday night and says he's thankful for the people in Washington County for putting him through another two year term. Hill tells News 5 the thousands of voters who came out yesterday really made a difference for him, and as he looks ahead to these next two years he'll continue to stand up for every one no matter their background or where they come from.

Hill adds though he was surprised by how harsh his competitors campaigns got as they neared election day.

"I think that we were kinda surprised how nasty and negative the campaign got, but we were so thankful that the people of Washington County that said no to the negative and advertising. No to the personal attacks on my family and said yes to our conservative agenda. We're very thankful for that," says Hill.

Hill finished Thursday with 53 percent of the vote, just ten percent ahead of Phil Carriger.

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