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Local law enforcement agencies keeping roads safe over holiday weekend

Local law enforcement agencies keeping roads safe over holiday weekend

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Local law enforcement agencies were hard at work Monday night keeping the roads safe.

Washington County Sheriff's deputies met around 6:00 p.m. to continue a third day of Labor Day weekend patrols.

"We called in 15 extra officers to work the saturation and they're being paid through the Governor's grant," said Captain Bryan Horton, with the Sheriff's Office.

It's the Booze It & Lose It initiative and it has Horton and the other deputies on the road watching out for dangerous drivers.

"Basically we're looking for DUI's, traffic violations," said Horton. "We've made several drug arrests from traffic stops this weekend."

We followed the patrols as they headed out again and soon came upon a traffic stop. Horton told us by 8:00 p.m. they had made three arrests and seized a car.

They weren't the only ones on the road. The Tennessee Highway Patrol held six checkpoints in Washington County and one in Carter County.

THP also had 26 checkpoints from Friday to Sunday.

Horton told us they hope that between those checkpoints and their own patrols, they can reduce the number of accidents over the holiday weekend.

"Statistics show that it does help," said Horton. "One indication is the word gets out that we are saturating and people have a tendency to stay home and drink."

We looked up the THP reports from the Labor Day weekend last year and discovered 16 people died in car crashes throughout the state, none of those were in our area.

Thirteen people died in crashes over the 96-hour holiday period in 2012.

The statistics from this holiday weekend aren't available yet.

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