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Local beer breweries gain ground

Local beer breweries gain ground

DAMASCUS, Va. - The rage is local foods these days, but local beers and wines are becoming more popular too.

Getting some of that local flavor seems to be what the public wants. But getting your own brewery up and running is no easy task. We visited a new local brewery that is just now into its first month of business.

Adam Woodson looks over some new T-shirts on his bar for the new Damascus Brewery. Making and selling local or craft beer is definitely in style these days and he's been trying his hand at making beer since he and a friend gave it a try in college. "We were science guys. We were biology and chemistry majors and decided that we wanted to try it out and see if we could make some beer and it went well. So we started brewing for parties and ourselves. That was fine while we were in college, then we got out and I kept going with it," Woodson said.

Adam was an unemployed bio-tech guy; not being able to land a job, he turned to his old hobby. "I said, 'there's no jobs down here for me, if I want a job I'll have to make my own.' I started looking at my other skill sets and this was the next option," he says.

He's slowly getting up to speed, making not just one beer but ten different varieties to satisfy his market. "It's just one of those things that's grown up. It's in vogue, it's the rage right now. Everybody wants to buy local, whatever the local might be, they want the local flavor. It doesn't get more local than this," he said.

Locally-brewed yes, but ingredients like hops and grains are just not locally-grown. So they come from Oregon and out west, some from across the mountains in North Carolina.

The key is in the trial and error of the right ingredients over the years. "Anybody can make beer. It's hard to make good beer and I've made a lot of bad beer, but I've learned from my mistakes and I'm making good beer now," he says.

Adam is living his dream and hoping to make a profit at it.

Damascus Brewery is just off U.S. 58 on the Old Government Road. The tasting room is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 till 9.

For more information on Damascus Brewery, click here.

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