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Living with Lou Gehrig's disease

Living with Lou Gehrig's disease

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Lou Gehrig was arguably one of the greatest baseball players ever.

Sadly, he died from a disease known as ALS. The disease has carried his name ever since, being known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

To this day the disease has no known cause and no cure. One local family is struggling with ALS.

The Timp family has had its share of struggles. Daughter Beth was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome that left her all but helpless. "Here's a young lady who really can't do anything on her own, but teaming up with her we learned so much. As we walked that journey we learned courage, serenity, hope and love from her," father Phil Timp says.

For Phil and his family, they now face another journey: he was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gerhig's disease, two years ago.

Just like the famous baseball player Phil says he's the luckiest man on earth. "No matter what happens we will value the life we lived. I'm just grateful to have the beautiful family support I have," Phil said.

He says he's not giving up. He's written a book now available, called Moments That Took My Breath Away.

Best-selling author and friend Adriana Trigiani helped him get it published. "It's a book that describes the mountains we climbed and the mountains we moved with Beth and with other ventures," he says.

Including his own struggle with ALS and his love of life.

"We're not going to grieve him before he's gone. We're going to live and enjoy every minute we have so its really, as hard as this journey has been its really taught us about what's really important in life," Phil's wife Cindy says.

They're lessons we all should learn.

Fore information about Tim, visit http://www.teamtimp.com/.

For more information about the disease, visit http://www.alsa.org/.

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