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Jury gone home for the day in murder trial

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - The jury must now decide the first degree murder case of a Johnson City man accused of drowning his wife.

Dale Larkin is charged in the 2003 death of his wife Teri. Her body was found in a bathtub at the couple's home. A second autopsy revealed that she died from a violent drowning with more than 20 bruises on her body.

Jurors heard closing statements this afternoon. Prosecutors say 55-year-old Dale Larkin killed his wife in order to collect more than a million dollars in insurance money.

The defense says that is not true and that the Larkins did not have any financial problems. "This case is about Teresa Larkin and her dying a violent traumatic death, according to forensic pathologist," said district attorney Tony Clark.

"There's not somebody trying to kill somebody for insurance money. It's just not there. I don't know how the state contends to look at that. They want you to look at it in terms of he done something for money. It's all about money, money money, money. But that's not the case," said defense attorney Mark Slagle.

The jury got the case just before 3:00 this afternoon and only deliberated for a couple of hours before being sent home for the day. They will resume at 9:00 in the morning.

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