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Jonesborough leaders consider new signage

New downtown signs would help safety, tourism

Jonesborough leaders consider new signage

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - Signs of improvement are appearing in downtown Jonesborough.

Town leaders already have some new way finding signs in place."One of the offshoots of that was taking a look at some of our regulatory signage," Town Administrator Bob Browning tells us.

He says part of the solution is to take away speed hump signs at the humps themselves and place them on each end of town, giving downtown drivers more warning.

Another sign of improvement that the town says it needs is at its crosswalks. "I think it's just a good idea," said frequent Jonesborough walker Richard Vidrine. "We were just walking right over there to that old antique shop, and we were on the little crosswalk. We actually almost got hit by a truck."

After a recent street and sidewalk improvement project, the crosswalks and speed humps actually share the same use -- there are no crosswalk signs. "I guess we've done a good job of encouraging more pedestrians downtown," Browning said. "We seem to be having more conflict where people are going across crosswalks. State law requires a driver to stop and that's not happening."

Drivers may also see another change with signs at crosswalks, informing them they're required to stop. Browning tells us it's all about reaching a balance of proper signage and pedestrian tourism. "We feel very good about the end result of this," Browning said. "We think that we've done a good job of having more signage, but it's still being complimentary to what we're trying to do downtown."

The Jonesborough board of mayor and aldermen will hear resolutions considering the new downtown signage at its regular monthly meeting Monday night beginning at 7:00.

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