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Jonesborough cafeteria cook is no couch potato

76-year-old Alice Garland has been serving up smiles for four decades on the same job

Jonesborough cafeteria cook is no couch potato

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - At Jonesborough Middle School's cafeteria, Alice Garland has been dishing it out for decades.

"For almost forty years," she told us.

Not too shabby for a cafeteria worker who turns 77 in a few weeks. "I've been blessed to be this old and still able to work," Garland said.

She knows it's not just everybody that can still stir up a job at her age. "Maybe they can find something else to do and they want to go home," Garland laughed. "I think if I went home I'd probably just sit down and wouldn't be able to do like I do now."

Instead of going home and vegging out, she's on the job putting veggies in the serving line and running the register, where she tells us she likes talking to all of her kids. "Some of them call me Granny, and I tell them I'm their Great-Granny instead of their Granny," Garland chuckled. "So I like to talk to all of them if I can."

In her own little 40-year-long wonderland, this Alice says she couldn't imagine retiring. "No, I can't imagine doing anything else," she agreed.

She'd like to be back next school year if she can. "It all depends on my health and if I feel like working," Garland said.

Something tells us she'll be back dishing it out. "I enjoy my job and I guess that's why I'm here," Garland said. "I like to work, I like this job."

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