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Johnson City Power Board warning customers of employee impersonators

The Johnson City Power Board wants to alert its customers about a scam.

A little after one on Thursday afternoon, JCPB was notified by a homeowner in the Jonesborough area that two men came to the homeowner's house impersonating their employees.

Those two men who approached the homeowner on Cherokee Mountain Road were unable to provide identification to the homeowner.

Brian Bolling from JCPB tells News 5 that's one of the biggest ways a customer can tell if an employee is who they say they are.

The two men were driving an unmarked vehicle and the homeowner told JCPB the car the men were driving was described as a tan truck.

The men tried to enter the Jonesborough home by asking the homeowner if they could have a glass of water.

Brian Bolling tells News 5 a request like that is highly unusual from the JCPB employees.

In fact, they usually never ask to go inside a person's home.

The Johnson City Power Board customer immediately contacted the sheriff's department, who is now keeping a close eye on the area.

Brian Bolling says all Power Board inspectors must provide identification.

"Our employees have ID badges," adds Bolling. "We also have a very advanced GPS tracking so we know where all our vehicles are at any time so when they call in we can easily check with our dispatch to know if there is really a vehicle there"

The Johnson City Power Board serves over 76,000 customers within northeast Tennessee.

Bolling says an incident like this did happen a few years ago when JCPB customers were getting calls from imposters demanding immediate payment.

If something seems out of the ordinary or just doesn't feel right, Bolling says their best advice is to contact police immediately.

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