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Jim Powell has a classic crop of antique farm tractors

Collection will be on display this weekend at the Gray Fairgrounds

Jim Powell has a classic crop of antique farm tractors

LIMESTONE, Tenn. - Inside the Powell Farms tractor barn near Limestone, Tennessee--the wheel of time turns back to an antique farm tractor fantasy land.

"Yeah, it's probably a museum," Jim Powell said. "We just don't want to call it a museum."

"This is definitely a little bit of Disney World," RFD TV Host Brian Baxter said. "For those guys who remember Farmall tractors, who farmed with them, or whose granddads or dads farmed with them."

It's retro-rural red almost as far as the eye can see. "I like red [tractors], and it goes back to when as a kid we had a red tractor," Powell said.

That was an F-20 much like one Powell has in his collection, one of a harvest of 61 red Farmall classic antique tractors on display in the former Crumley House horse barn. "We had horses in it for several years, and now we got horsepower in it," Powell laughed.

"We have a variety here that probably may not be in another collection anywhere," said tractor historian Ken Nelson.

It didn't take them long to steer us in the direction of the rarest tractor in this collection -- it's a 1954 super MDTA diesel. "The way I understand there were only 500 of them made," Nelson said. "The crowd favorite is the little white front cub. Most people really, really take to it, because it's a cute little tractor."

All 61 tractors in Jim Powell's classic crop will be re-planted at the 21st annual Appalachian Antique Farm Show Thursday through Sunday at the Gray Fairgrounds. Baxter, host of the RFD tv show Classic Tractor Fever, will be there to document it all. "If anybody's got classic tractor fever, I think Jim does," Baxter said.

For more information about this weekend's antique farm show, log onto www.tsapa.com and www.classictractors.com.

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