Washington County VA

Icy roads and strong winds could cause problems in virginia

Icy Roads

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - While roads were icy this morning, officers say it might be just as dangerous tonight with the temperatures staying low.

Residents in Washington County were extra careful while driving to work this morning after ice covered the roads for a third week in a row. Michael Bruck was on his way to North Carolina and said he was giving himself plenty of time. "I usually don't leave until 10 o'clock, so I'm leaving early. Just to make sure I get down there in time; drive slower and take my time," said Bruck.

Lieutenant John Perdue says it's not a bad idea. "It's always good to slow down and take your time in hazardous weather conditions," She said.

He tells me some of the roads could be slippery.

"I had to take 3 tries to get out of my driveway," said Perdue.

Police tell us they don't foresee that changing. "Due to cool weather and wind chill, we don't expect roads to clear up as fast as normal," said Perdue.

Icy roads aren't the only thing you should be looking out for. Police tell us these high winds could also potentially be dangerous for you while you're on the road. "When winds are gusting up to 40 mph, higher vehicles, tractor trailers, trucks, and box cars, it generally affects the way they handle. Combined with icy conditions, that can be a problem," said Perdue.

That's why Lieutenant Perdue says you should avoid driving next to them and not overreact if you or the other person hits ice.

"Let off the gas, slow down as slowly as possible," said Perdue.

VDOT is out trying to clear the roads, but they say the wind could blow the snow back onto already plowed roads.     

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