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Gray, Tenn. gun show draws large crowds

GRAY, Tenn. - While the gun control controversy continues across the country, many people in the region spent their weekend at the Gun Show at the fairgrounds in Gray, Tennessee.

Recent talks of new gun laws and gun control have some buyers more anxious about getting a gun sooner rather than later. Officials at the Gray, Tennessee Fairground Gun Show said their winter shows usually have a higher attendance compared to other times of the year. Especially this year because of current events. "We have seen an increase, but normally, in the winter time, we always have better turn out anyway," said Billy Abner, the Gun Show Manager. "It is the winter time shows and what's going on too that's helped our business increase."

Some vendors said much of the hype has died down since the Sandy Hook shooting massacre. And they said it's not uncommon to see a large crows at a gun show in East Tennessee. "Recently attendance has gone back to normal pace," said one vendor, Eric. "It is not what it was say a month ago where they had lines going out the door It's all kind of calmed back down "

Some shoppers said they are fearful of what the future gun laws could bring. "There might be a concern, not so much tension, about second amendment rights," one person said.

Now, gun enthusiasts are waiting to see what move Congress will make next. "Basically people really don't know what's going to happen they are just waiting and seeing and trying to figure out," said Abner.

"They just want answers," added Eric. "The answer is not so much taking guns away. I think they feel that there is a bigger issue than the guns."
Some shoppers said they were just at the show to get a good deal on a gun.

The gun show continues on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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