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Governor's School program digs for fossils

GRAY, Tenn. - Learning rocks for a few select high school students who were lucky enough to be a part of a Governor's School program on Wednesday.

Two select programs, one for Models and Data Analysis and the other for the Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, were able to find some of nature's best treasures at Gray's Fossil Site over the past few days. 

ETSU hosts the students, and program director Justin Sanders says there is a lot to take away from the experience. "The goal is to impart knowledge on the students that history is so much more than what you find in a textbook."

When asked about this field trip in particular, Sanders had this to say -- "I think the most interesting thing is just the new discoveries that are always being made. You never know what you are going to find until you actually get in the pits and start digging around."

For students like Kyla Scott and Holly Muran, the field trip and program are great tools for hands on learning. When asked about Governor's School, Scott said, "I really want to be a doctor one day. It's really about having a good resume, and Governor's School is highly selective."

But her luck on day one was not so good. "I didn't find any bones yesterday, but the people six inches away from me found a bunch," she said.

It's more than just digging for fossils, though. Holly Muran's main mission for Governor's School this summer is, "to come away with new knowledge that I didn't have before."

The program runs for five weeks this summer, and is home to a highly selective group of children from high schools in Tennessee.

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