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Glade Spring requests boundary expansion

Town Mayor makes empassioned plea to Washington County Board of Supervisors

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Since the devasting tornado three years ago, the town of Glade Spring has used the tragedy as a springboard to rebuild.

"The tornado was a hiccup along the way," Glade Spring Mayor Lee Coburn said. "It just was a roadblock and we've really moved past that."

Mayor Coburn offered more proof that the town is moving forward with a presentation he made on behalf of his town to the Washington County Board of Supervisors.

He calls it 'Rebuild Glade Spring'. One of its main themes is the request for a boundary expansion for the town. "We have no further place for development," Coburn said. "We don't have commercial space we don't have residential space and the opportunity exists at the interstate for new development of land we'd like the opportunity to help both the county and ourselves."

The mayor says new business development around exit 29 will also build a gateway to downtown Glade Spring, which will attract more visitors and reduce property tax burdens.

But one resident tells us he's not so sure boundary expansion is a good idea. "I've said it before and I'll say it again, people in Glade Spring need to pay attention," Buck Hutton said. "The best thing they can do about the town of Glade Spring is turn the charter back over to the Washington County Board of Supervisors. It'd be like Meadowview and their town, taxes will be gone and a big burden will be lifted off of them. Everybody will be better off."

But Mayor Coburn insists everybody will be better off if town boundaries are extended. "We have stepped up," Coburn said. "We want to take this on and we have a plan to make this revitalization occur. We just want the opportunity for the county to allow us to do that."

The board took no definite action on Glade Spring's proposal. The Board Chairman tells us he'd like to request a public hearing before moving forward.

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