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Free pet adoption day

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Some furry friends received a forever home Saturday as part of the free pet adoption day at the C. C. Porter Animal Shelter in Washington County, Virginia.

All of the dogs were showing off Saturday, hoping to be adopted by a loving family, and some of them were. "I had my friends come first thing this morning while I was at work to make sure no one else got him," said Ashley Estes about her new pet.

Estes adopted her first pet, a dog named Rosco. She's just one of many people giving these dogs a loving home.

"They need someone and you don't really know their home situation. We wanted to make a difference in this little guy's life; that's why we named him Chance, so he can have a second chance at life," added Aimee Widener.

Some pets are still waiting to be adopted. Kelly Tabor with the Washington County Sheriff's Office tells News 5 they get as many as 10 dogs a day and up to 20 cats a day. "Our animal control officers, they're out and they pick up strays for running at large or if a stray shows up at someone's house we'll pick them up. We have people that come in and bring their animals they can't take care of anymore," adds Tabor.

Some pets at a shelter have to be put down; that's why the Washington County Sheriff's Office is encouraging people to adopt from a shelter. "I hold onto them as long as I can but unfortunately we're not a no-kill shelter, so at some point the animal has to go down. We can't hold them. It's not fair for the animals to live in the kennels," says Tabor.

That's why those who adopted pets from the shelter are encouraging others to do the same. "Usually when people think of shelters they think of hurt and abandoned animals. That is the case with some, but they're very sweet dogs. I would recommend the shelter to anyone," adds Widener.

We also learned the euthanasia rate at the shelter has gone down a lot over the past few years, but they would like to see it drop even more.

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