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Former VI students get ready for first year at Emory & Henry

Former V.I. students get ready for first year at Emory and Henry

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Colleges and university around our area are getting ready for another school year.

Emory & Henry College will start their first day of class Wednesday with some new faces that are not new to the area. For some students it means a new start at a new school.

That's true for Karissa Donohue, and she says it's bittersweet. "We were sad for it to close but we were really excited that Emory & Henry was able to pick us back up and give us the spirit that like, 'Hey, there is still somebody out there that still wants us here,'" she said.

Karissa went to Virginia Intermont College in Bristol before it closed down and will not have school this year, but she isn't alone.

Sophomore Nicholas Martino is also making the transition. "Emory & Henry has made the transition extremely easy for us VI kids to come over here. They've been super welcoming with open arms," he said.

Nicholas and Karissa were both a part of the equestrian program at VI. Now, Emory & Henry has picked up the program and will take it over.

Vice President of Enrollment Management Dave Volskuil says that's drawing several VI transfer students. "Between that and the photography program, we have 30 Virginia Intermont students that have committed to start at Emory & Henry in the fall," he said.

We found out that overall, the college is expecting this fall to be one of the highest enrollments in the school's history.

Nick and Karissa tell us they can't wait to be a part of the Wasp tradition. "We're very excited to start our new traditions and our new families here at Emory & Henry," says Nick.

"We're really to start you know having our memories here at Emory & Henry," adds Karissa.

Emory & Henry's Vice President for Enrollment Management says the college's new Doctor of Physical Therapy program starts in January; all 32 spots have deposits. They are now starting a waiting list.

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