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Fee waived to encourage pet adoptions

Fee waived to encourage pet adoptions

WASHINGTON COUNTY., Va. - Animal shelters across the region are bracing themselves for the annual influx of puppies and kittens that show up during the spring.

One shelter has been preparing for extra guests by waiving its adoption fee to free up space and find homes for their animals.

Usually there's a long list of animals on a big board up for adoption at the C.C. Porter Washington County, Virginia Animal Shelter, but they've got plenty of vacancies right now.

Since March 18, the shelter has waived the adoption fee, which is $25 for a dog and $15 for a cat. "We started out March 18 and from March 18 to March 31. For the month of March, I adopted out 25 animals," shelter supervisor Kelly Tabor said.

The shelter told us that on average 12 to 15 animals get adopted during a given month, so the program seems to be working. "When people come in and they're interested in an animal I tell them when they inquire about how the adoption process goes, I tell them right now we're waiving the adoption fee and the only thing that we require is the $50 sterilization deposit," she says.

And Tabor tells us that if owners would just get their animals spayed and neutered shelters might not get a flood of animals. "We actually had a mama cat brought in the other day that had six kittens that the people couldn't take care of. We also had a mama cat brought in by an owner on Thursday, she had five kittens on Easter Sunday," she said.

And that's just the beginning of what happens each spring. You have one more week to take advantage of their program foregoing the adoption fee; it ends April 12.

If you pay the fifty dollar steralization deposit, you'll get your money back when you have the animal spayed or neutered within 45 days and take the vet receipt back to the shelter.

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