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Family stays positive after home is destroyed in storm

Family stays positive after storm damage

GRAY, Tenn. - Severe storms ripped through our region yesterday destroying parts of homes and uprooting many trees, but now one family in Gray is asking, 'what's next from here?'

"Shock. Shock. And I'm still in shock over it. I mean, I just can't believe it," says Sonya Compton, whose home was destroyed in Sunday's storms.

Sonya Compton and her husband, Mark have lived in this home off Kitzmiller road for 28 years. Sunday night, she had her family over for dinner and what started as a fun, family cookout turned dangerous very quickly.

"We could see a cloud and all this debris just in the air. Trees and everything [were] just way up in the air," adds Compton.

The Comptons immediately headed to a safe place in the lower part of their home, and it was just in time.

"It was just like somebody just trying to push you, push you real hard, and it sounded like a train," she adds. "We didn't know what it did until after we come up from the basement and saw the destruction on our home."

The storm blew out windows, destroyed walls and ripped a metal door right off its hinges, and Sonya tells News 5 it didn't end there.

"About two something this morning more sheet rock just fell all over the floor," Compton says.

The Comptons know all of that can be replaced. They're just thankful their family wasn't hurt.

"You need to take those warnings serious. When it says get cover, get cover," reminds Compton.

The Comptons home sits right next to a set of railroad tracks. Monday morning, CSX crews told News 5 they took 73 trees just off the tracks alone and are hoping to have a majority of that area cleared by the end of the day.

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