Washington County VA

Eyewitness talks about bus accident

Woman witnesses bus crash

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - When the bus crash happened in Washington County, Tennessee Thursday afternoon, Misty Harrell couldn't believe it. She heard tires screech and she looked out the window.

"When I looked up the bus was flipping," Harrell said. "I saw three flips with my own eyes."

She and her husband then ran to help the students and they called 911.

Moments later, a flood of ambulances and helicopters arrived.

Harrell had been on the phone with 911 helping an injured student. "My husband got out the two [emergency exits] at the top and the kids were kicking them through. All he could do was help them out," Harrell added. "All I could do was call 911 and at least try to help until they got here and that's what I did."

Meanwhile about a mile away, parents who had heard about the wreck gathered at Mount Wesley Methodist Church. That is where a bus carrying students who weren't hurt dropped them off to some very relieved parents.

"The back started sliding and she tried to correct it," crash victim Dave Story said about the accident. "It slid the other way and then it caught the ditch. We started flipping and that's all I remember."

"Our bus was going really fast over a hill," Joshua Wilson said. "Something happened and it started flipping."

As the parents found their kids they checked them head to toe. Finally, some were able to breathe a sigh of relief after what seemed like an eternity.

"Forever, it seemed like forever," parent Barbara Story said. "It was very nerve-wracking. I just wanted to lay hands on him and know that he was alright."


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