Washington County VA

Donation will help keep area police officers safe

GLADE SPRING, Va. - The Glade Spring, Virginia Police Department received a special gift Wednesday.

Members of the Smyth and Washington County Moose International chapters donated four new bulletproof vests to the Glade Spring Police Department Wednesday morning.

The donation was part of the the Safe Surfin' Foundation and Protect the Protector program.

Glade Spring Police Chief Ricky Stumbo said even though crime rates are low in the town, there is still danger on every call. "Every time you go on a call, you're essentially in a place where you [can possibly encounter] someone with a firearm," he said. "Every call, unbeknownst to the situation, you could be in need of that vest at any moment."

He told us vests expire after five years, and this donation will help keep officers safe. "The kevlar that's inside the vest, as long as it's not moving, it's not doing anything. The minute somebody starts wearing it and moving the vest around, the fibers begin to move. Over that lifespan, they separate, and they become less effective at stopping a round if it was to take a bullet," Stumbo said.

Chief Stumbo told us vests are fitted to each individual officer. The donation brings the department's total to six effective vests.

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