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David Crockett High School celebrates homecoming

Principal: This homecoming means more this year than ever before

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Students, parents and staff at the David Crockett High School homecoming Friday night all have a story about where they were when they found out about the bus crash on Thursday. "I was at cheer leading practice when our Athletic Director came in and said there had been an accident," said Lacey Durbin.

A fellow cheerleader had two siblings on bus number 88. They were among the 29 students who were taken to area hospitals.

"Our football team is trying to pull together for them. It's really important for the whole school," Durbin said.

Principal Andrew Hare said this homecoming brings a great sense of pride and unity. "Now, it's a literal term of homecoming. We're all coming together. It's going to be a demonstration of David Crockett High School community and family coming together in a supportive way," he said.

The DCHS stadium filled with brown and gold Friday afternoon for the game against South Greene. "The community pulling together is nothing but Pioneer Pride," said Latisha Burger, whose son is the quarterback on the football team.

During the pre-game huddle, the team's coach said it best, "Remember: together. One heart beat. That's what we've got to do tonight. We have to do it for this whole community, for bus number 88."

Principal Hare expected Friday night's game to be one of the biggest of the year. Of the 1,200 students, he estimates nearly half of the school would attend.

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