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Dale Larkin testifies during trial

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A Johnson City man charged with killing his wife took the stand today to tell his side of the story.

Prosecutors say Dale Larkin murdered his wife Teri back in 2003.

A second autopsy showed that she died from a violent drowning with more than 20 bruises on her body. Larkin's step-daughter found her mother's body in the bathtub at their home. The defense says some of those bruises happened when she was removed from the bathtub.

"I got my wife out of the tub immediately," Larkin said while being questioned. "It wasn't something I was trying to be slow and gentle with. I tried to get her out of the tub as quick as I could and tried to get some help to her."

A skeletal biologist testified yesterday that Teri's bones did not show that she had osteoporosis, one reason that could account for Teri's weak bones. The defense put Teri's doctor on the stand today to set the record straight.

"I believe this young woman had osteoporosis," Teri's physician Dr. John Sherrill said while on the stand. "It's my professional opinion based on her risk factors in two previous non-traumatic falls."

The defense is expected to wrap up their case on Monday.

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