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D.C. Rampage: Emory & Henry student relieved her father is okay

EMORY, Va. - A local college student is relived after finding out that her father is safe, following Monday's DC Navy Yard shooting rampage. 

Deryn Pappano is a sophomore at Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia.

Deryn's father, Captain Scott Pappano was inside of a clinic on the yard when shots rang out on Monday morning. 

When Deryn heard the news on between classes Monday morning. After receiving the news she was only concerned about father's safety. 

"What happened to my dad is he ok when will I hear from all I wanted to know at that point is if he was safe or not," said Deryn Pappano. 

 Deryn was relieved after receiving a text from her dad Monday afternoon.

"If you hear anything going on about the navy yard right I just want to let you know I am safe and love you. And I just responded to him saying I've already heard and I am relieved that you're okay," said Deryn Pappano. 

Deryn hasn't spoken to her father on the phone and she believes that he is still on yard. 

 But she fears that a family may have may in close contact with the shooter. 

"The office building that the shooter was in occurred on the fourth floor my friend's dad was on the floor when the shooting happened but as far as my dad's office I don't know where it's located. But I'm just glad he [father ] wasn't in the office at the time," said  Deryn Pappano.

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