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Crash survivor remembers friends

Crash survivor remembers friends

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Friday night was Senior Night for Tennessee High's band.

Senior night was canceled last Friday night after a car crash claimed the lives to two band members earlier in that day.

Hearts were heavy during the festivities at Friday night's football game at Tennessee High.
As the seniors were recognized and get ready to move forward, two young men were not there to help their friends celebrate; Blake Looney and Colton Taylor.

"Blake was a trumpet player in the band, he was on the swim team, he was a junior," said band director David Semones. "Colton played saxophone, he was a sophomore in the band."

It has been an emotional roller coaster for the band and the Viking community.

"It's just something about this band, this school," said Charlie Arnie, the only one of the three teens to survive the car crash. "It's not just friends, it's family."

Semones describes both boys.

"(Blake) was just a sweet kid.  I thought the world of Blake," said Semones.  "He was just a very dedicated, hardworking student. That doesn't do him justice.  He was just a great kid and the other students looked up to him."

"Colton was a great kid," said Semones. "he was also an inspiration to everyone, hard worker.  Always there when you need him. And Blake and Colton were both that way."

But through the tears, there has also been laughter.

"Blake used to do this Russian accent and he thought it was amazing," said Arnie.  "It really wasn't that good," he smiled.

"Everybody always joked about Colton's hair, how it would never mess up, he had great hair," laughed Semones.

Support has been coming in from other area bands and community members in the form of cards, banners and calls.

"So the outpouring of love has been absolutely heart warming," said Semones.
"A lot of people were praying, I know that," said Arnie.  "I would just keep in everyone's heart, you know they're not gone.  They're still here and probably the two most perfect guys who were on this planet."

Virginia State Police say they're still trying to find out why the teens' car hit a tree stump in a neighborhood in Washington County, Virginia. They were all wearing seat belts.

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