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JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - Valentine's Day is less than two days away and that means flowers, a card, and don't forget chocolate.

If you're looking for something extra special like hand-made, hand-decorated chocolates, you'd better hurry. We found a special chocolate shop that will definitely be sold out by Valentine's Day.

A small little shop on Main Street in Jonesborugh does a remarkable business. Just a list of the products they have to offer will drive your tastebuds, crazy and its all hand-made chocolate.

Spiced whiskey, white truffles, rosemary, passion fruit are just some of what's available; but the names don't match their looks. And the way things are going the shelves might be empty by Valentine's Day.

They've been getting ready for awhile. "About two weeks. We started about the first of February trying to gear up and I don't think we did enough," Rob Parks with Earth and Sky Confections says.

And that has brought a steady stream of customers in, because once it's gone, it's gone. "It takes three days to make a batch of chocolate so we're pretty much where we are at this point. When we sell out, we sell out," Parks said.

And that's brought customers back time and time again over the five years that they've been in business. "I give these away anytime there's a special treat, school. I want to give teachers, instructors, friends. I come here and get it," customer Shana Payne says.

But the little boxes she is buying are supposed to be for Valentine's Day, if they last that long. "They love them all. They'll be gone in two minutes when we get home," she laughed.

That's kind of quick considering all of the time and effort it took to create these delicious pieces for the "choco-holic" that lives in us all.

For more information on the store, click here.

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