Washington County VA

Check your weather radio before the storms

Setting up your Midland Weather Radio

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - As storms strike our area, emergency officials want to remind you to get a weather radio and make sure it's working.

Washington County, Virginia Emergency Management Director Pokey Harris says during the nighttime it is especially important to have a weather radio that can wake you up in case of any warnings or watches.

The radios are programmable to instantly turn on with storm alerts and warnings for your specific county or city.

If you have a radio, Harris reminds folks to make sure they have working batteries in case the electricity goes out. "Go through it at least once a month and make sure the programming is still there. It's very, very important. Yes, it's annoying, but that one time that you may need to hear it if its turned off you won't," she said.

Watch a video about how to program your radio above.

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