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Charity building new homes for flood victims

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Relief is on its way for flood victims in Washington County, Tennessee. Appalachia Service Project simply wants to bring hope to this devastated community, by building new homes for those destroyed or damaged.

It's going to take about two years rebuilding these homes and cost about $1.38 million.

Right now Sandra Casey and her family are living in a camper, but it's not a home. That's because where she's standing is where her home used to be, until it was destroyed by flooding in August. "It's tight, it gets rough, but at least we've got a roof over our head and a place to take a bath or shower," she said.

To add insult to injury, Casey doesn't have flood insurance. "I'm just hoping for some help right now because I don't have that money," she said.

But relief for families living on Dry Creek Road is on it's way thanks to Appalachia Service Project. Soon they'll be building brand new homes for flood victims. "It's going to be 768 square feet, it's going to be stick built on a concrete foundation or block foundation, three bedroom, one bath," said Tim Norton with Appalachia Service Project.

Each home will cost an estimated $30,000.

"We actually started two weeks ago, thinking we'd rebuild 35 homes. We're at 46 now and the number is rolling up to about 54 as homes are evaluated," added Norton.

That new home won't cost flood victims a penny; News 5 learned they won't even have to pay a mortgage, which will be a relief for homeowners just like Casey. "Just a home, you know a place to call home," she said.

News 5 learned Appalachia Service Project still has almost $200,000 left to raise to take care of all these homes.

If you're a homeowner and want to learn if you're eligible for a new home or someone simply wanting to help, Appalachia Service Project will have those answers.

You can visit their website at asphome.org or call (423) 854-8800.

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