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Brights Zoo zookeeper says baby giraffe had deadly infection

LIMESTONE, Tenn. - Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee continues to mourn the loss of its baby giraffe.

The zookeeper tells News 5 the giraffe died Wednesday night. His body was taken to UT Veterinary Clinic for a necropsy, which is the animal form of an autopsy. The zoo received the necropsy results about 24 hours after the giraffe had died, a process they do quickly before the tissues inside the giraffe deteriorate.

This was the fourth giraffe born at Brights Zoo, and he was just two weeks old when he died.

Zookeeper Aimee King says they chose to name the baby giraffe Patch.

"He had an infection all throughout his body and no matter if we had bottle fed him or anything like that, he was born with that infection in him," adds King.

King also tells News 5 Patch's body will be cremated.

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