Washington County VA

Bridge replaced in Washington County, Tennessee

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Nearly two years ago, the Dry Creek section of Washington County was devastated by a flood.

The anniversary is just a few days away, and there are still repairs and cleanup that need to be done. The flood wiped out homes and displaced families.

A major bridge on Rock House Road destroyed by the flooding was replaced two weeks ago.

People in the Dry Creek community had to find alternate routes to get to the other side of the water.

We talked to one woman whose home on Rock House Road was damaged by the flood.

She told us water went up the foundation on her home, and it washed away a building on her property along with the special valuables inside.

Louise Scism said, "That little building right there, it had my son's trophies where he had raced in race cars and he had all his trophies in there and it washed the building and all of it away. It was just a mess through here. A lot of people lost more than we did."

Appalachian Service Project has stepped in to repair many homes for low-income families.

Tim Bomgardner, ASP Supervisor, told News 5 they hope to rebuild 10 more houses in the area.

He says two other homes are currently under construction. One of the homes will be finished in a couple weeks, and the other next month.

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